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“Affordable housing” sounds like a simple concept with a simple objective. To understand what it means to communities in need, consider that available workforce housing is one of the primary criteria on which manufacturers, retailers, foodservice providers, and other companies base their decisions to establish a presence in a particular area. Comfortable, affordable, convenient places for employees and their families to live are a critical component of any successful program for economic development.

Through hundreds of developments and thousands of affordable-housing units throughout the Midwest and South, Zimmerman has helped create living communities—where families can engage with each other as they participate in their local cultures and economies.

Our commitment to those communities begins in the earliest planning phases, and doesn’t end when construction is complete. Zimmerman brings a unique, vertically integrated capability to every property, fully engaging with communities to provide comprehensive management for optimal efficiency, value, and resident satisfaction. Because we make a long-term ownership commitment to every ZP development, our community partners enjoy the confidence we’ll be there to help make their housing programs successful for decades.

Take a closer look at who we are, what we do, and what we’ve already done, and you’ll see how far Zimmerman will go to make your development a success. We truly go “beyond buildings”.


With more than 25 years of direct management and construction of more than 8,400 units in eight states, Vaughn Zimmerman has served as principal developer and general partner since 1986. He maintains executive oversight of the firm and related party affiliates. Vaughn is a licensed real-estate broker, and has served on various real-estate boards and commissions developing and preserving low- and moderate-income housing.

Justin Zimmerman oversees the development side of the business, having developed more than 4,400 apartment units since 1992. More than 4,200 of the units in his portfolio qualify for low-income housing tax credits, where he has served as principal developer and general partner. Justin is a licensed real-estate agent, and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management from Missouri State University.

As Senior Vice President of Construction, Matt Zimmerman holds estimating and contracting authority for construction jobs, directing the day-to-day operations of all construction employees including job-site personnel, suppliers, and subcontractors. He has more than 15 years of experience in directly managing construction and general contracting, and currently oversees more than $35,000,000 per year in construction.

Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer Robert Davidson directs the efforts of company employees, and manages all financial aspects of the company’s debt and equity commitments. His background includes more than 25 years of experience in development, construction, and construction finance. Robert holds an MBA in Finance/Accounting from the Ohio State University, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics/Accounting from Ohio Wesleyan University.

Mr. McDonald’s main focus is development within the states of Missouri and Kansas but is actively involved all tax credit applications. James also serves as Broker-Officer for Wilhoit Properties, Inc. and is a licensed real estate Broker in Missouri, Kansas, Texas, Arkansas, Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia. James is a graduate of Missouri State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management. James has been with the company since 2001.

Mr. Bullard’s main focus is development within the states of North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and Tennessee. Tab offices in Atlanta and has more than 14 years experience with the finance and development industries. Tab is a graduate of the University of Georgia with a B.B.A. in Accounting and has been with the company since 2011.

Mr. Fink’s main focus is development within the states of Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Tennessee. Robert offices in Atlanta and has 12 year of experience in the finance and development industry. Most recently, Robert served as Office Director of the Housing Finance and Development Division at the Georgia Housing Finance Agency. He is a graduate of Oglethorpe University with a degree in accounting and has been with the company since 2016.

Ms. Watson recently joined Zimmerman Properties and is located in our Dallas office. Sandy brings a high degree of versatility with more than 20 years of multi-family experience in management, development, and acquisitions in the states of Texas, Arizona, and California. Sandy is sole owner of Albatross Development, a WBE-certified business and HUB under Texas code.

Ms. Forster is actively involved with in all tax credit / HOME applications. Melissa has over 6 years of experience with the finance and development industry. Melissa is a graduate of Chadron State College with a B.A. in Family and Consumer Sciences/Human Service and has been with the company since 2015.